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3‘E’s for a better career Education + Experience = Employability

While interacting with various clients and technology experts, a most common concern that came to the forefront was the availability of skilled and talented resource pool. The industry nowadays is facing a dearth of readily available skilled resources thus resulting into spending enormously on training these resources on the latest technologies to suit their needs.

Another important aspect that came to light is about the resources failing to achieve their mark in the industry due to lack of updated technical, practical skills and knowledge. Many a times one finds the individual exceptionally good in theoretical knowledge but when it comes to its practical implementation; they do not stand up to the industry standards.

We at SPARK are inspired to fill this huge gap by providing the right kind of people to the industry at the right time. A lot of research, brainstorming and exceptional inputs from industry experts has gone into designing a unique training methodology for cutting edge learning. One may feel that the journey of SPARK has just begun but the thought process and its roadmap was laid by the management team for a long time thus enabling the three ‘E’s for a better career – Education, Experience and Employability.

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