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Staffing is the efforts designed to attract, hire, train, develop, reward and retain the people needed to accomplish an organization’s goals and promote job satisfaction.

At SPARK, we understand this requirement from a small scale to large scale industry. In fact the inception of the SPARK is with the intention that we can contribute to fill the gap between the supply and demand of skilled trained professionals. Hence SPARK has a separate dedicated team for staffing solutions required by any client.

During the training we focus more on real life industry scenario through the concept called as Industry Experience Programme. Our students are well trained and well experienced through the IEP and they are ready to take any assignment as per companies’ requirement.

Our Staffing Model

Staffing is one of the most important functions to an organization. Staffing is the efforts designed to attract, hire, train, develop, reward and retain the people needed to accomplish an organization’s goals and promote job satisfaction.
Staffing models are crucial to any form of business because there is a direct link between staffing models and organizational strategy. SPARK believes in the following models:

Placement / Direct Hire

SPARK professionals source candidates for your direct-hire needs. Our extensive network identifies exceptional candidates who are successfully employed but unavailable through traditional sources. Moreover, since we are into conducting trainings for most of the on-demand IT & Life Science technologies, we always have a ready pool of talented professionals that can be sourced. SPARK’s direct Hire/Placement service is tailored to meet the immediate needs of your organization. It would take no time for us to recommend candidates with qualities specific to your needs.

Contract Staffing

SPARK offers flexible, effective and short/long-term contract staffing solutions for those organizations seeking to access talent and improve their workforce as per their cyclical needs. We follow well organized recruitment processes, which has access to an extensive database of skilled contractual professionals available at affordable price. If your projects need immediate resources, count on us for quality, quick timeline

Contract to Hire / Internship

Contract-to-Hire services allow you to convert temporary employees on assignment to core positions at your company following a waiting period, or in accordance with a quoted fee schedule. Selecting this service option provides the opportunity for you to assess employee performance and suitability to the position and your organization prior to making a hiring commitment. Through our OJT program, we always have a current and extensive database of skilled professionals that can be deployed on an immediate basis.

Contract-to-Hire services benefit you and the temporary employee who is seeking long-term employment. The process for candidate interviews, screening and management is comparable to that of a temporary employee, however their potential and desire for a direct position with your company is additionally qualified prior to beginning an assignment.

Benefits -

  • Less turnaround time
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Lesser Induction time
  • Deployable resource from Day 1
  • Replacement facility available Lower risk.

Customized staffing for Corporate

Most of the time organizations require a specific talent pool as per their requirement based on various projects they implement. It becomes a challenging and difficult proposition for the organization to identify, recruit and train such resources for their deployment on such critical projects thus affecting time and cost. SPARK is well aware of this problem and provides a unique solution through their customized staffing services. In this model, the organization needs to share the detailed requirements of staffing along with the specific technology focus and the time frame that they look forward to have the resources on board. SPARK identifies such resources, trains them based on the technology and within the expected time frames and provides these resources to the organization. Thus in a nutshell, SPARK provides a complete customized staffing solution to the organizations with all the nitty-gritty’s involved being taken care of.

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